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We generate new challenges and we enjoy them. We are agile in identifying solutions and we proactively seek ways to improve and perform with excellence in everything we do, we call it “IMPROVEMENTISM” and we apply it transversally: in our daily work, internal processes and, of course, in the services we offer. We have internal training projects that encourage the sharing of knowledge and experiences among colleagues, creating collaborative learning spaces where we not only promote learning about technical issues, the CINK culture and general interest but also strengthen the links between teams.


We want work to be something to look forward to, to excite, to motivate. This is why we promote a positive, constructive, healthy and motivating environment; we have high workloads (we enjoy the busyness) and having a well-cared-for environment helps us to ensure that the tasks and projects give the best results, learning, enjoying ourselves and providing the value we want both for our clients and stakeholders. We believe in and work to develop a leadership style that balances close, human and respectful treatment with the achievement of objectives and the development of self-organised, productive and efficient teams. We understand work as a means to live well, to be balanced and satisfied people, so the well-being and connection between us is something we are committed to and work on, carrying out regular and diverse activities so that we can take care of ourselves, strengthen relationships and promote the feeling of belonging.

We believe in flexibility as part of our work culture, always framed within the fundamental principles of productivity, responsibility and commitment to day-to-day objectives and activities. We believe that people can organise themselves, take responsibility for their activities and achieve their goals.

At CINK, we love entrepreneurship, innovation, new ideas, continuous improvement, the brave people who take the plunge and decide to start a business and who want to improve society with their product or service. We fervently believe that we can improve our world if we consciously promote and contribute to the development of these entrepreneurs.

"The best is yet to come: we have great ideas and a lot of support".

If all this fits with your values and your way of understanding work, don’t hesitate to send us your application.

Are you a student interested in working with us?

Our internal development programme for new talents is the perfect opportunity for students who are finishing their studies and would like to receive training and support while developing activities associated with our projects. Our aim is that you not only complete an internship but build a career at CINK and then continue to work with us.

If you are a collaborator or expert, we want to meet you. At Cink, there are numerous projects where we require professionals and mentors who are experts in various fields to help us and collaborate with us so that the service is of quality. Do not hesitate to contact us if this is your case.


Do you want to be the first to know about all our vacancies?

Do you want to be the first to know about all our vacancies?