At Cink Venturing we seek to promote a more entrepreneurial and innovative world. To do so, we support key players in the ecosystem by designing, planning and developing services that help them achieve their innovation and strategic transformation goals. We implement solutions, both in the framework of corporate open innovation and in public policies and initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development.


At Cink Venturing we want to be your partner of reference in the management of initiatives to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development. To this end, we offer you the experience and know-how we have accumulated over many years of work and collaboration with different public entities. We bring to each client our know-how and capabilities in the conceptualization, design and execution of projects such as:

We promote the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit in society through training, mentoring and other dissemination activities; promoting ideation, creativity and work with agile methodologies.

We offer comprehensive incubation or acceleration programmes for startups at different stages of maturity, from initial phases to growth and/or internationalisation. We provide support in the search for investment, generations of commercial networks, implementation of proofs of concepts, development of pilots with corporations, etc.

More and more public bodies are taking advantage of open innovation to encourage, through relationships between startups and corporations, the development of the local business fabric. Cink helps medium and large companies to identify collective innovation challenges, and provides them with technological surveillance tools, as well as scouting of leading startups that help in the resolution of the challenges.

Public spaces such as business incubators, business advice centres or innovation hubs, among others, represent ecosystems with their own identity that seek certain impacts in their areas of influence. Cink manages and dynamises these spaces, contributing our experience and knowledge in initiatives and acceleration programmes, training, community management and networking events, etc.


If you need to boost innovation in your organization, our team can help you conceptualise, design and manage different innovation processes that make the most of internal talent or foster collaborative innovation with other agents in the ecosystem.

Based on our expertise and know-how, we respond to the needs of each client, through solutions such as:

We foster the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of human teams. We detect talent within corporations and promote the creation of internal communities that help organisational transformation through the development of business ideas and/or new processes.

We support the construction of corporate ecosystems and communities with their own identity, as well as the management of spaces in which projects can evolve in coordination with the areas of innovation of interest to your organisation. We identify and define the key challenges and look for emerging projects and/or innovative startups that help transform the organisation or the sector.

Many organisations have trusted us with the definition, implementation and management of accelerators as a proven mechanism within their Corporate Venturing strategy. We provide support in dissemination and communication to consolidate the initiative and identify high-potential startups that fit the strategic needs of the organisation. We provide specific advice and mediation for the development of technological pilots.

Why Cink Venturing?

Our exclusive dedication to the entrepreneurship and open innovation ecosystem places us in an ideal immersion situation, from which we can work for and on behalf of our clients, with the best know-how, connections and knowledge of the latest trends.
High-level mentoring and advice

We provide diverse, highly qualified and experienced teams, according to the needs of each project. From advisors, mentors or experts in specific technologies and sectors, to successful entrepreneurs, among others.

Network of alliances and collaborators

We work closely with the different actors in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and have a wide network of mentors and top-level collaborators.

Network of alliances and collaborators

We work closely with the different actors in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and have a wide network of mentors and top-level collaborators.

Communication and dynamisation

Effective communication, scouting, the creation of ecosystems and communities and their dynamisation are essential pillars in our services, which make the difference in the success of our clients’ projects.

Commitment and excellence in execution

We are characterised by our vocation for service, which drives us to work every day for our clients, taking care of every detail of the projects they entrust to us. Thus, we ensure quality and excellence at all levels.

Shall we start the journey together?