Puesta en marcha de los nuevos servicios para la comunidad emprendedora de los viveros de empresa del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Title: Viveros de empresas del Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid City Council Business Incubators)
Category: Business incubators
Client: Madrid City Council
Project duration: 2021-present
Web: www.madridemprende.es/que-son-los-viveros-de-empresa/


The General Directorate for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Madrid City Council sought to provide new valuable services adapted to the new needs of users in the area of entrepreneurship through business incubators. The aim is to offer entrepreneurs new methodologies for training, advice and project development.

This initiative is implemented through the design of various strategies and actions to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the citizens of Madrid. In this way, the aim is to provide all those ideas that lead to future job creation with an improvement in competitiveness, economy, technology and innovation.

In this search for improvement, business incubators are the ideal institutions to accommodate all those ventures, from the real economy to technology-based startups. These spaces help entrepreneurs in all phases of their ideas, including those who are only starting to consider this career path.


Given this situation, the challenge facing the business incubators is not only to increase the number of entrepreneurs in the city of Madrid but to go a step further and promote entrepreneurship as a viable employment opportunity. This will be achieved thanks to a new management perspective for the available coworking spaces, in accordance with the needs of entrepreneurs, and the improvement of the value-added services system.

In response to this scenario, Cink Venturing aims to provide knowledge and service capacity in the management of programmes such as extensive training services or activities to improve the community and increase synergies between entrepreneurs. It also proposes the implementation of other programmes of great relevance such as the Acceleration or Internationalisation Programmes.


As a solution, an innovative improvement is proposed to the Madrid City Council to offer a new global approach that combines entrepreneurship with the new needs demanded by the market, based on the experience of the management of other entrepreneurship and innovation programmes already managed in the past.


With this new range of services implemented in the business incubators, the following results have been obtained:

  • More than 2,200 advice sessions for entrepreneurs.
  • 775 training hours
  • 538 hours dedicated to creating synergies and community
  • 132 projects participating in the Acceleration Programmes
  • 500 hours dedicated to mentoring
  • More than 1600 students have visited our services and facilities.
  • 90% of the spaces occupied
  • More than 350 self-employed people registered